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Krunch Burger with Drink Enjoy a crispy crunchy chicken fillet on a bed of lettuce with a soft bun, topped with spicy mayo and the signature sauce. Krunch Burger. Kentucky Burger. Make It a Meal. Meal Box. Bucket of Fries with Mayo Enjoy our amazing bucket of fries with mayo sauce.

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Bucket of Fries with Vietnamese Enjoy our amazing bucket of fries with vietnamese. Corn On The Cob This delicious, sweet yellow corn is so ripe it falls right off the cob and into a bowl, which makes it a perfect side to any meal. Hot Wings 10 Pieces. Chicken Piece. Pepsi ml.

Mirinda ml. Mineral Water Regular. View cart. Allergy Information 4 Contains eggs 5 Contains milk 6 Contains celery 7 Contains sesame 8 Contains fish 9 Contains peanuts 10 Contains nuts 11 Contains mustard 12 Mildly spicy 13 Spicy 14 Very spicy 15 Vegetarian 16 Contains crustaceans 17 Contains gluten 18 Contains lupin 19 Contains sulphur dioxide and sulphites 20 Contains soy 21 Contains molluscs 22 Vegan.

Allergy Information. Available for preorder Tuesday pm - pm. Ryan Jun Very terrible service. Total of 30 mins late. Called the restaurant they told me mins left, however, order came 25 mins later. Restaurant stopped answering my call after the first. I paid online before hand, maybe that's why restaurant delayed. Tried Kentucky burger for the first time it was yummy. Fries were served cold, else everything was okay. Dr Jun Hania T Jun Danish D Jun The delivery came after a total of 1 hour 35 minutes. The food was cold and had canceled the order.

Ayesha S May Eleanora A May Huzaifa May Zain May Mk May Hammad A Apr These ones are pretty nice if you eat them in the restaurant but don't travel well and taste like damp cardboard by the time you get them home.

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The old ones were often bin-fodder by the time you got home too, so the situation is much the same. They should have probably used some kind of coated fries like Burger King.

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I'm not sure why KFC can't get this right. I'm confused as to why restaurants think you want to salt your own chips too: you've already given up on the diet when you order a takeaway so they could at least give you the benefit of perfectly salting the bloody things while they're still hot and the salt will stick.

I don't understand why KFC can't make good chips for once. Instead of continuing their stupid policy of not putting salt on chips, they should just have it. The old chips were not that great, but the fact that they managed to launch a new one that is even worse is shocking. Those chips are rank. The previous french fries offerings were already inferior to the McDonalds offering with the portions being too small as well and now we've literally gone from the frying pan to the fire with these burned offerings.

They've been saying that for decades, along with a thousand other things that cause cancer. If we stopped everything some paid for report stated we'd never leave the house and be living off finger nail clippings. It will be when it goes on sale I would imagine.

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My main point was that there is no deal in this post what so ever, its just an information post with an over inflated price tag. Geez, its not including in the deal because the deal is custom to that app, but if ordered a deal thats not app related like the deal that was active that your commenting on, you can use it i got my wings for 99p Don't complain about saving money on an app made to save money by people sharing. They're catching onto you lot now. What you all seem to want is to walk in order some food and then walk out. Without handing over any money.

They used to but the tills jut won't let them proceed anymore. Can anyone tell me if this is right. I was in off yesterday and brought the 10 piece wicked variety of the app.

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I don't think KFC fries are poor because they're frozen; I think they just don't know how to cook them. Their speciality is pressure fryers, and the chips are cooked in normal fryers, in which they are either cooking the fries at too low a temperature or not changing the oil regularly enough. I had a portion of their new fries the other day and they were actually delicious; the past two were damp and cardboardy. I've had my expectations managed by years of those revolting skinny fries which barely lasted the time it took to get to the table in restaurant, never mind home - so I always get a KFC with eyes on the chick'n alone.

I'm doing like for like, skin-on vs skin-on. All this burger talk is making me hungry:. They're not really a large burger chain though IMO, and their menu is very restricted, which gives them more leeway. McDonald's get through way more fries than them, and in my opinion McD fries are nicer than Five Guys, despite the sackospuds gimmick. I do like a Five Guys bacon cheeseburger though! Actually no, not all large chains.

Those sacks of spuds piled inside Five Guys restaurants aren't just for decoration, their chips are cut and cooked fresh in store and they taste arguably better than the rest imo. All large burger chains use frozen fries. No advantage to fresh cut ones anyway, and in the volumes they use it just wouldn't be sustainable to cut fresh ones.

McDonald's are frozen too.

DAFTAR HARGA KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

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Just had this for lunch. Filled a hole. Bogart Crusty bread? Posted 9th Sep Posted 9th Sep. Fillet burger, fries and drink for 3. HeadphoneGeeza 34 Get deal Get deal.

Kfc meal deals for one
Kfc meal deals for one
Kfc meal deals for one
Kfc meal deals for one
Kfc meal deals for one
Kfc meal deals for one
Kfc meal deals for one

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