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Many other brands use fillers that make the leather temporarily look and feel great but can have potentially harmful long term affects. Leatherique prefers to use only the most effective ingredients that truly care for the leather, not just make it look good for today. This has helped them develop some one of the best cleaning and conditioning formulas on the market with the Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean.

Leatherique also make a variety of leather dyes, crack fillers and other leather restoration products. Leatherique Prestine Clean - 16 oz. Add to Cart. Leatherique Prestine Clean - 32 oz. Leatherique Prestine Clean - 8 oz. Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil - 16 oz. Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil - 32 oz. Well you seem to be a Megs man. But I will suggest that you look at some water based polishes as well. Have a safe trip. Attached Thumbnails. Wow, that's some serious money spent on car care products. I cannot even think of such money. Even if I manage to get some of these DA stuff and pads, I am sure I am not going to use it more than a couple of times based on my experience of doing similar ventures earlier.

Originally Posted by prateek. Prateek - Nice collection! Can you please give some details about the 3 brushes on the right side of your second pic? Please share your experience with the Optimum opti clean, are you using it for the interior plastic trims? Lovely bag!!! Where did you get it from? I think he has Optimum's power clean all purpose cleaner btw nice collection there prateek btw whats that blue thing behind the chrome polish?

Which pads do you use with Bosch GexAE?? Nirmal - Autogeek.


Last edited by prateek : 1st October at I'd polished the rear and ORVMs of my White Swift with Amway Silicone Glaze last week and till today evening they were all shiny, just wanted to share my experience with it. I also realized the importance of dry dusting the car everyday. I used to put the car cover on everyday after returning from work after dry dusting it with Jopasu duster. Did a similar thing in the morning i. An elderly gentleman walked past me just as I was done putting the car cover on today and said, "Aap apni car ki bahut care karte hain, dekh ke accha lagta hai!

Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread : Advanced Search. The time now is Proudly powered by E2E Networks. Add Thread to del. User Name. Remember Me? New Topics. New Posts. I dont have paypal Obi, it sounds like you are using a lot of it, but I don't think it'll be bad for the car. I've only had 1 bottle since I bought my wife's car and I bought my car last year. Her car has been treated about 4 times and my car 1 time.

I still have a bit left, but will have to buy new bottles before my next job.

LeatherMaster UK

I think I'm using too little of it. Anyways, this stuff is simply amazing. Your leather will definitely stay in great conidition if you stay on top of it with these products :thumbsup:. Google is so neat FYI, you won't typically find Leatherique in an auto store but if you need to find it locally many saddle shops carry it. I guess the horse riding fanatics and cowboys have discovered it too! Are you volunteering?

I'd be in. I'm never going to use anything else again :D. If someone sets up a group buy, count me in! If not, i'm just going to order directly from Leatherique I followed their advice and removed the Rejuvenator oil with a few rags after three hours had passed. The Rejuvenator Oil will soak in normally with warm interior surfaces and a little gentle rubbing.

Leatherique is the best stuff I have used yet on my leather. I kept the lexol around for my wife's minivan, which is seem to work very well on. It is amazing how much dirts is extruded with the pristine clean and your seats do look brand new after the leather rejuvinator. Great write up Cleveland:beer:.

I still can't get over how red my interior is again!

Is the leather on your armrest creased and wrinkled?

It was starting to look maroon with all the lexol. I'm in on the group buy if it goes down. Just looked on a local sponsors site but he doesn't carry it : Maybe we can get some interest on the "other" forums as well and see if someone knows a sponsor that may want to do a group buy? I have used this product on my wife's Ci and my M3, and the results have been fantastic.

It is time consuming, but worth the effort. Contact me via PM if interested or if you want price information Everyone who treats their leather should try this product, it's dramatically better than anything else. I've never used Leatherique products, but from what all I've read about them, it seems that they work supremely well.

The initial product must actually remove dirt. Finally, a product that actually works. I personally intend purchase one of their restoration kits in a few months to restore some rough spots on my seats.


Just scrub your seats with that using a soft bristled brush the key , don't let it sit, dry them off if you have any noticeable soiling on the seats it will be gone now , and apply your favorite leather product I use Poorboys Leather Stuff. The results are like those described by the Leatherique users I don't know I think my conditioner of choice lexol was what was making the leather look all dark and shiny. I found that the Poorboys Leather stuff did work very well also.

It's in a whole different league.

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