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PSA 5. Magpul PMAG 30 5. They simply fit into pockets, purses and places where larger guns do not. This sacrifice of performance for pocketability is nothing new. Henry Deringer introduced the original single-shot muzzle loading percussion cap Philadelphia Deringer in By Remington had introduced the Model 95 chambered in.

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Although a variety of mouse guns have been available for well over a century now, the calibers that were still in regular production around the beginning of this century include the. From left:. Mouse guns chambered in. Budget priced pistols of dubious quality used to be fairly common, but many of the companies that produced them are now just footnotes in gun production history.

As a result, the cartridge experiences a significant drop in performance when fired from pistols with stubby barrels of 2" or less. This drop in performance, along with an exceptionally broad range of ammunition power levels, makes.

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The one mouse gun design that runs reliably with a variety of rimfire ammunition is the North Amercian Arms NAA series of Mini revolvers which are available chambered in. The slightly larger Magnum frames can be fitted with.

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John Browning, the famous inventor of the pistol, designed the. Shown here is a Belgian Baby Browning manufactured in which I managed to rescue a few years back.

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Like the. Unfortunately, they were hit and miss in the accuracy and reliability departments. However, the Browning pistols, along with the tip-barrel Beretta design and some of its better clones, have proven to be to be utterly reliable. Seecamp Co. This pistol was a slightly larger version of the company's slicked down, no sights LWS chambered in. The LWS was released right around the same time that the trend of states offering residents shall-issue concealed-carry permits was beginning to pick up steam Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota and Florida switched to shall-issue permit between to The Seecamp was the first of what I respectfully refer to as the.

By another 21 states were offering shall-issue permits.

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It captured plenty of press and sold well. Inspired by the Seecamp design, the Guardian features an all stainless steel construction, iron sights and a magazine well that was enlarged just enough to accept cartridges topped with full-metal jacket bullets as well as hollow points. The Guardians cost less and NAA was able to produce them more quickly. Kel-Tec rounded out the pack with the release of the polymer-framed P32 in The P32 was, and still is, the slimmest and lightest offering in the Rat class with an unloaded weight of just 8 oz.

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It's so light and compact that some companies have made neck lanyard holsters for it. As we reached and passed the turn of the new century, improved manufacturing technologies and a growing demand for more potent portable pistols led to the rise of the now ubiquitous. But it was the tidal wave success of the Ruger LCP release in that inspired many other companies to make ultra-compact, light weight.

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