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Which brings me to my point. If there exists a fantastic engine producing world-changing opportunities and leaders with every turn of the crank, and that engine is biased to exclude whole classes of people, then something is wrong. Are we leaving people behind? But as I see it, equal access and equal opportunity are just the right thing to do.

It is an executive-level conversation with our leaders setting a tone of support throughout every part of the company.

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I like that to an extent. Reddit takes the approach of hiring diverse leaders into critical positions across our organization. But the middle still needs work. We want to hire diverse managers and senior engineers deeper within the team. Hiring is tough in general, even more so for startups. I admit was a bit shocked after posting my first Reddit job to LinkedIn back in October. It was for a Director of Engineering position, usually a hot commodity. Out of the roughly 30 applicants there was one woman, and every candidate was either White or Asian.

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  5. Setting realistic expectations with hiring managers. Just setting the tone matters a lot. Early on, I told my staff that my vision for Reddit engineering included diverse teams of extremely talented professionals and promising upstarts. It would take extra time, energy, and discipline to get the results I wanted. Fortunately, my managers were immediately supportive and stayed that way even through the frustration of longer hiring cycles and occasionally losing diverse candidates to another company.

    Widening the net by overcoming common biases. This is also why the example builds in section one prioritize single-core speed over multi-core speed in their CPU selections. Refer to the recommendations in section one and section two above. There are resources and forums on numerous websites to help with setting up your emulators. First of all, many emulators as well as frontends have their own associated websites with their own forums like this one for RPCS3 , and sometimes even wikis like this simple resource page for Citra. Third of all, there is a massive repository of information over at the Emulation General Wiki.

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    For Raspberry Pi users, there is a fairly extensive wiki on GitHub to help with set-up and answer some compatibility questions. Beyond that, most in-development emulators also have Discord, GitHub, and conventional social media channels to act as additional resources. Not to mention the existence of YouTube tutorials on everything under the sun. So seek a community relevant to your question, ask an earnest question, and you are likely to find the answer you need.

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    All of the images in this article are images of an emulation frontend EmulationStation, specifically. The best frontend comes down to personal preference, but yes, there are free options. For more information about frontend options, see section five of this article, directly below.

    HyperSpin is a free but closed-source , heavily customizable emulation frontend program. Its menus are flashy and may be overly garish for some users, but that flashiness makes it perfect for looking like an arcade cabinet interface a tacit invitation for heavy DIY users to make custom arcade builds , and it features numerous aesthetic benefits by default—like game info and in-game footage in the menus. It activates a separate launching program in order to start different emulators and run games directly from its main menu. HyperSpin can be downloaded for free from the HyperSpin website.

    Or you can support their project by purchasing a support license subscription from another page on their site. Developed by Unbroken Software, LaunchBox is a free-or-paid but closed-source all-in-one frontend for emulation and general PC gaming. It started out as a frontend for DOSBox, and slowly expanded to work with any kind of game that one may want to play on a PC including emulated games and non-emulated games on platforms like Steam.

    In terms of aesthetics, LaunchBox is something of a middleground between the flashiness of HyperSpin and the clean simplicity of EmulationStation and can look quite similar to either, depending on your settings. Now developed by Alec Lofquist and Nils Bonenberger, EmulationStation is a free, clean, simple frontend program with native controller support—that works exceptionally well with RetroPie, for those of you with Raspberry Pi machines.

    The design of its menu is particularly suited to television displays. An older, not-updated-since version of EmulationStation is also available for Windows and Debian desktop users and every menu screenshot in this article was taken in the desktop version of EmulationStation, a custom installation of which is what I personally use as my frontend. You can download EmulationStation for free from the EmulationStation website. It is fully controller-friendly, and is a perfect choice for an arcade cabinet set-up.

    And it is available on any operating system that you might want to use. While not itself technically an emulator, RetroArch grants direct access to many emulators. Developed by The Libretro Organization, RetroArch is an open-source jack-of-all-trades program that is part-frontend, part-emulator, and part-media-player.

    I asked Reddit to build me a $350 Budget PC for 1080p Gaming Medium/High Settings

    For the vast majority of retro consoles—including everything from Nintendo, Atari, SNK, Sega, Sony, and others between the s and early s—RetroArch is now the easiest and most recommended way to access emulators. While it can be used behind a separate frontend like one of those mentioned above, RetroArch also has its own clean and elegant UI. Some of its other notable features include its consistent cross-console gamepad configuration, native save state support, and incorporation of shaders to allow the modifying of game visuals for example: you can add a subtle CRT effect, so that retro titles look how they would have originally looked.

    RetroArch can be downloaded for free from the RetroArch website. Or you can support their project by making a donation via another page on their site. Dolphin can be downloaded for free from the Dolphin website.

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    Citra can be downloaded for free from the Citra website. Cemu can be downloaded for free from the Cemu website. Or you can show appreciation for their project by donating through Patreon via another page on their site. A great emulation PC is any PC that lets you emulate the games you want to emulate at the level of performance that you desire. Consider following one of the example builds above in section one , so that you can be sure that your build will be suited for its role and also reasonably balanced.

    It's powerful, but also cheaper than other high-end cards. It delivers nearly the same gaming performance as the X, but for less. It's now at its lowest price ever. Grab this deal while you can.

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    There's also a bright green version available, if that's more your style. It has 50mm stereo drivers and a swivel mic that automatically mutes when you fold it up. The Cloud Alpha has a slightly better frequency response range, but isn't discounted as much, and otherwise they're very similar.

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    It also features 5. This one just jams in some of the best hardware on the market. Anyone taking part in Prime Day needed to be signed up for Amazon Prime, and many people actually just subscribe to the free trial and then quit after the shopping event is over. But is it worth sticking around, or should you save your money?


    Well, depends how much you enjoy Prime Video, which is the main perk of being a Prime member. You get a fair selection of movies too, and you can often rent the latest releases much cheaper than the standard price. It isn't as good value as Netflix, in our opinion, but it's probably worth the cost if you're heavily into TV and movies.

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